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Hyunho Lee

석사 : M.Arch. University of Michigan

학사 : B.S. Seoul National Univ.

건축사 : Architect AIA

이메일 : hlee70@gmail.com

홈페이지 : www.ar-chiasmus.com/

(주)건축사사무소 키아즈머스파트너스 Chiasmus Partners

Professor Hyunho Lee is the partner and co-founder of Chiasmus Partners, a registered architect in the state of New York and New Jersey, and a member of American Institute of Architects, and a director of the Board of Trustees of the Kyunghee University system. As a founding professor of the Department of Interior Architecture at Hongik University in Seoul, Korea, Mr. Lee has expanded the university’s architecture education by leading the department as its founding chair with more than one thousand alumni in various creative fields. His past professional experiences include Polshek Partnership and Peter Marino in New York City.

His work involves publications, teaching, and multidisciplinary studies on bridging the gap between space and human behavior. Mr. Lee’s experience as a designer and award winning architect covers a wide range of projects, including masterplan through furniture design and many more that redefine the interaction between public institutions, commercial space and urban dwellers: Cultural projects include Incheon Arts Center, Opera House, Blue Notes in Beijing; educational projects include the Kyung Hee University masterplan and Seoul Arts College, corporate projects include I Tower, DF, and Wedding Box, and many more residential projects can be counted among his works.

His works have resulted in many notable recognitions such as the 2006 Korean Ministry of Culture Award, 2009 Global Notable #4 for Performing Arts Center by Architype Review, 2011 Year’s Best 7 Korean Institute of Architects Honor Award, 2011 KIRA awards for design Excellence, 2018 Master of Architecture Prize, 2018 World Architecture Award, 2019 Beautiful Architecture Award in Gangnam.




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